Support T1

The Support Team supports the crucial front line, those agents who are directly interacting with customers, fielding their inquiries and solving problems some of our clients have. As a support member at Zeltux you will get a very large understanding of the bot as you progress through the support ranks, you will build transferable skills that will transfer into other aspects of life and finally build some great friendships.

Main Tasks:

Ticket Support - Answer questions, provide support and help with issues in our private support tickets for clients!
Community Interaction - Interact, chat and be involved with our community, keeping people keeping people engaged and interested, ensuring they have no issues!
Development Support - Help our developers by ensuring they are creating what the community want!
Live Chat - Be there before people have even purchased Zeltux, on the front line at our websites live chat!

This position is nearly full, and under most demand, so we will only be taking the most experienced and active members who apply.

Junior Developer

The Developers here at Zeltux are the brains behind the operation alongside the directors, the developers are constantly updating features on the bot to keep up to date with client expectations. As a development team member at Zeltux you will get a very good understanding of the bot. Becoming a developer at Zeltux will improve your coding and bot development skills, as you progress through the rank you may progress onto senior developer which is part of the management team and may be something you want to work towards, you will build good customer service skills that will transfer into other aspects of life and finally create some greats features for the Zeltux Bot!

Main Tasks:

Development - Create elegant code, in a unique custom way, to push the very best unique features and updates to Zeltux!
Creativity - Create, design and implement awesome new changes that you have come up with, or the community has suggested!
Support - Help our customers with more technical issues with the bot, ever-changing dependencies and code!

Note: We give our Jr Developers a stripped back version of the code, so don't bother applying just to get a free copy of our bot.