Zeltux Partnership Information

We're looking for partners!

Join Zeltux's partnership programme to get your server advertised within our Discord server and website.

Guaranteed Partnership!

We will guarantee your server a partnership with an @everyone ping, if your server meets all our requirements.

How to become a partner.

Firstly, fill out your details here, then make a ticket in our Discord server.

Partnership Requirements:

1) Your server must not be about any other Discord bot.
2) Your server must not be mainly about NSFW content.
3) Your advertisement must have include your servers name & a description, not just an invite link.
4) Your server has over 100 members.
5) Your server contains no illegal or illicit activities.
6) You give us an @everyone ping.
7) You must keep a community representative in our Discord server.

Zeltux reserves the right to revoke a partnership for any reason and without notice or warning, effective immediate.


Got a hosting business you want us to recommend to your customers?

Join our Discord server and create a ticket to discuss an affiliates link.