Partnership Information

Why partner with Zeltux?

Zeltux is a self-hosted multi-purpose Discord bot used by over 180 server owners. Reach a big audience of Discord server owners and people in our community in our Discord server, with over 350 members. Partner with a proffesional development team who maintain high standards of practice at all times. We offer a high quality product, rated 4.5 stars, with loads of online resources and documentaton.

What do you get out of it?

Base Partnership Perks

• A promotional message of your choice in our Discord server (terms apply).
• A partner role in our Discord server.
• Pings for @everyone are negotiable (terms apply).

Additional Partnership Perks

• Top reccomendation of your services to our customers and community.
• Engagement with your affiliates program.

Partnership requirements

Our requirements if you want to become a partner:

• Your community is not related to any form of Discord bot.
• Your community meets all the rules outlined below.
• Your Discord server has over 100 members.

What we need to begin a partnership

If you meet the above requirements, please create a ticket in our Discord server and provide us with the following:

• A description of your community.
• An invite to your Discord server.

If we decide to continue, we'll need:

• A well put together, SFW, PG promotional message to post in our #partners channel.
• A unlimited, never ending invite link to your server.

Our partnership terms and contitions.

Community Rules

• Your community must contain little to no NSFW content.
• Your community does not promote any form of illegal or unethical activities.
• Your community does not contain/promote toxic or unruly behaviour.
• Your community does not contain/promote highly contraversial or offensive content.
• Your community must not have a large amount of negative reputation, or has had reports of scamming.
• We will refuse/end partnerships to communities who do not treat communtiy members with high quality, (e.g. if you provide bad customer support).

Rules for Promotions

• Your promotional message must only contain SFW content.
• Your promotional message must not contain links to direct downloads.
• Your promotional message must not contain links to illegal or dangerous sites.
• Your promotional message must not contain anything other than the 1 partnered community.
• Your promotional message must not contain swear words or offensive language.
• @everyone pings in your promotional message are given out at the discretion of Zeltux's management.

Other Terms & Agreements

• We reserve the right to terminate a partnership for any reason, without question or notice.
• Partners agree they will not abuse their position as a partner in any form.

Join our Discord server and create a ticket to open a line of communication regarding partherships or email [email protected].