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Hey there!


This is quite useless but it was fun to make and someone can hopefully make some sort of use out of it.


When the module is activated and you have done the main command the bot will tag someone random and delete the message instantly


Use gphelp (with your prefix behind) to find all the commands even though there is 2. Make sure to check the actual JS file as there is some stuff thats changeable. Thank you if you install


If you do just add it to the /addons folder.


To check the source code go to my GitHub:



The amount of time it takes a message to send is set in milliseconds so do not think it is seconds or you could have high CPU usage and really annoyed members (even though the bot would annoy members anyways) a minute in milliseconds is 60000 (default when you add the addon)



- Will ping a random person and remove the message every 5 minutes

- Will delete the tag almost instantly

- CMD logs with colours to show everything the Addon is doing

- Easy to set up

- Excellent for trolling servers


I installed it and its as easy as drag and drop. It works like a charm and it's already annoying all my members. Good job!

[1.0] 4 months ago